White Lake ON Ontario Weather
The current weather and forecast for White Lake Ontario Canada, as well as some historic weather pattern information to help you plan your visit. Take a look at the latest radar for any signs of rain in the area.
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Month Average
Air Temp.
Water Temp.
21F ,-6.1C  
Feb. 25F ,-4.1C  
Mar. 36F, 2.2C  
April 51F, 10.8C  
May 66F, 19.1C 65F, 18.3C
June 75F, 23.9C 75F, 23.9C
July 80F, 26.7C 80F, 26.7C
Aug. 77F, 25C 77F, 25C
Sept. 67F, 19.5C 70F, 21.1C
Oct. 55F, 12.5C  
Nov. 41F, 4.8C  
Dec. 27F, -3C  

Spring and fall are variable, prone to extremes in temperature and unpredictable swings in conditions. Hot days above 30C (86F) have occurred as early as March (as in 2002) or as late as October, as well as snow well into May and early in October (although such events are extremely unusual and brief). Average annual precipitation averages around 943 millimetres (37 inches).

Ice On/Off Dates:

1983 - 1984 - Longest Season Ever (162 Days)
Ice On: Nov. 19, Ice Off: April 29

1999 - 2000 - Shortest Season Ever (104 Days)
Ice On: Dec. 18, Ice Off: March 31

2011 - 2012 - New Shortest Season Ever (98 Days)
Ice On: Dec. 20, Ice Off: March 27

2015 - 2016 - Latest Freeze Ever
Ice On: Jan. 1, 2016, Ice Off: April 12

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Perfect Dawn at Three Mile Bay , taken by Arlene G. from her front lawn



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