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White Lake Ontario Slideshow





Summer 2019 Edition

Summer is here again. Time to get up to the lake and take in all the natural beauty and wonderment. Marvel at the crystal clean lake water, breathe in the fresh country air and reflect on all that is beautiful at this moment.

Over time people have been enjoying this area, and working to preserve it for future generations. To the hardworking property owners, community leaders and volunteers in the area who help look after 'our' shared lake, a heartfelt 'thank you'.

There is so much to discover and experience, no matter what your interests and passions. Get out there, and greet your neighbours with cheerful 'hello', and you will find White Lake waves back at you.


Summer 2018 Edition

Welcome back to the lake! Hope and trust your Winter was a good one. The ice on the lake finally went out on April 29th this year, one of the latest melts on record, which is fine, so long as we don't get the rain of Spring 2017. So far so good. The grass is the greenest ever, and you can watch and actually see the veggies and flowers getting bigger. Amazing conditions this year.

So it's time to get the boat out, fix up the deck and firepit, find the comfy chairs, bikes, kayaks, kids toys, dog treats, and invite some friends and family over for a bbq or potluck. (OK, and turn OFF the iPads, phones and internet too.... if you can! (try it!))

Take a moment to reflect on all that is wonderful and good in the world, and what small (or large) things you can personally do to help someone, a friend or family member, a neighbour or a complete stranger.

A friendly smile can go a long way to making some else's day even better (and yours' too)!

This is the Ottawa Valley. Ontario. Canada..... Heaven on earth.

Hope all your dreams come true this year.

See you at the Lake.



Early Summer 2017 Edition

Welcome back! Spring was extra wet, and summer seems like it was a long time coming for this part of Canada, and it is always worth the wait! At least we are not in drought conditions like some years. Anyway, feels great to be able to share beautiful White Lake with you again this year, and we look forward to seeing many of you out and around.

If you are looking for new experiences, there is a Guinness Book of Records township relay this weekend (June 24th), with the finish line and after party taking place at the Waba Cottage and Gardens in White Lake Village. Fun times for the whole family, so please check it out if you have time.

Also, at the end of July (30th), the 22nd Annual MidSummer Herbfest is taking place at the Waba Cottage and Gardens as well, so pencil that into your calendars, as it always is a FUN time with good food & entertainment and something for everyone.

Some days the black flies and mosquitos are out in force, but mostly the insect population seems about the same as other years, so that is not too bad depending on your tolerance.

We have not got out fishing yet (soon), so please let us know your fishing stories anytime, and stay tuned for some of ours...

Neat Coffee Shop in Burnstown has re-opened, so here's hoping they have some great musical acts coming to town to make a few more great summer memories. Always a fun time.

The White Lake Preservation Project was started recently, and is made up of volunteers from all parts of White Lake working together to ensure the long term health of White Lake. Especially important now that Zebra Mussels were detected in the lake!! Keep in contact with them directly if you have any questions or concerns.

That is all for now. Take a moment to smell the flowers, and live with passion.


Spring 2016 Edition

Spring has sprung! Finally above freezing at night this lovely start of May! Lot's to see and do. Much excitement in the breeze and Canadian Geese too! There are some new and improved Festivals to look forward to this summer, including two at the Waba Cottage and Gardens in the Village of White Lake, namely the Scottish Festival in June and The Midsummer Herbfest in July. Stay tuned for more information on those and much much more soon...

See you at the Lake!


2015 Edition

Arrg. Writers block. See you at the Lake!


Fall 2014 Edition

Hope you had a fantastic summer and a Happy Thanksgiving. It's mid-October and temperatures are still in the +20's, wow. So make the most of it, this beautiful region has so much to offer at this time of year, for all ages and interests.

The bright autumn colours and Canadian Geese flying overhead are sure signs the seasons are changing, so make sure your winter preparations are getting underway as well.


March 2014 Edition

It's great to see some signs of Spring just around the corner. Time to take the ice-fishing shack in and start getting all the camping gear organized. This Winter we are enjoying a record amount of snow and cold temperatures so there may few extra weeks when the ice is still on the lake (usually goes between late March and mid - late April) and the ground is drying up enough to access and open cottages and campsites.

Then things really get exciting in May, including the return of our favourite flying insects. So in the meantime, enjoy, make the most of it! And we'll see you again at the lake soon. All the best.


2013 Edition

Arrg. Writers block. See you at the Lake!


July 2012 Edition

Last week there was a severe storm and downburst of wind that affected a large area of this region, knocking out power and flattened a wide swathe of trees which very unfortunately also included several cottages on the North shore of White Lake. It happened in an area only accessible by boat , and our hearts go out to those residents who were affected and are now left to clean up the trees, make repairs and try to rebuild their bit of paradise. Fortunately, there have been no reports of injuries.

The severe weather also took it's toll on the tall pine tree near White Lake Marina that was home to a large Osprey nest, which has now fallen into the lake. The two nest-less young Osprey's are now perched on a branch looking like they are growing and hopefully about ready for flight.

To add to that these events, there was also the frequent refilling visits from a large water-bomber plane that successfully battled a forest fire near the South end of White Lake. As well, the appearance of an air-ambulance that made a call after a mishap.

Some news and video of the storm:

With more thunderstorms and warm dry weather in the forecast, please note:

Hydro One urges everyone to have an emergency preparedness kit in the event of an extended power outage, including:

-Water (2 litres per person per day)
-Canned or dried food that won't spoil
-A manual can opener
-Windup or battery powered flashlight
-Windup or battery powered radio
-Spare Batteries
-A copy of your emergency evacuation plan
-Any medical items required

Stay at least 10 metres away from fallen power lines and reporting them to police and Hydro One at 1-800-434-1235.

And please remember, there is a FIRE BAN in effect until further notice. Call Lanark Highlands Fire Service 1-800-239-4695 ext. 500 for more info.


August 2011 Edition

What a summer we're having. The weather has been warm, well, actually HOT (and a bit humid) for weeks, sunny and mostly predictable from day to day. It even stayed nice on the weekends, which was a bonus for those looking to get outside and enjoy all this area has to offer.

Even the thunder and lightning storms have been beautiful, and the rains are welcome to keep the grass & gardens green and lush. The lightning created an interesting light show, while the rain added a rhythmic percussion to the acoustic duet of Corinne West and Kelly Joe Phelps at the Neat Coffeeshop Schoolhouse Stage the other night. The full house, encore, and standing ovation are clues to how perfect the show was at our local unique music venue. Thank you.

There's one Friday left until September, so make the most of it, and we'll be looking forward to enjoying a nice Indian Summer at "Waba Sagaigun", aka White Lake.


April 2011 Edition

Hope you had a good Winter. April 11th. Looks like the warm sunny weather (and occasional thunder showers) have helped the ice disappear from large portions of the lake today. Strong winds pushed the final large chunks down to melt at the dam weir in White Lake Village.

Some chipmunks, squirrels and many types of local birds are appearing and I've even heard some loons that are already back at the lake among the migrating Canada geese. And still no bugs out yet! So that makes perfect outdoor conditions for work, play, or just plain appreciating this wonderful time of year.

So it's time to think about renewing the fishing license, getting the boat ready to launch, stacking up some campfire wood, organizing the garden stuff and getting back into long anticipated springtime routines. Only a few weeks to Mother's Day, Victoria Day and then the June 4th Annual White Lake Yard Sale, then summer is here.

Bet's we get one more good snowfall before summer arrives? Hopefully not, but then again, this is the Ottawa Valley, and many years we do.

See you at the Lake!

Fall/Winter 2010 Edition

Seems like there is always so much to do this time of year.

The leaves are changing and falling, the Canadian Geese and other birds are migrating. The loons are still around, but not calling, and thankfully the bugs are now gone.

Kids are back in school, and summer holidays are just good memories.

Time to take the boat out of the water and winterize the motor.

One last chance to feed the quick chipmunks, with their racing stripes, the chatty red squirrels and the bluejays, always watching overhead for their chance to get a few nuts.

The pumpkins are out for Halloween, and thoughts and plans for Christmas are starting to take shape, while farmers markets and art and craft shows are in full swing.

It is a great time of the year to throw on a warm sweater and get outside and experience some of the rugged beauty of this region.

Do some raking and mow the lawn one last time this year, and enjoy the incredible (albeit early) sunsets and cool evenings with the warm glow of a campfire with family and friends.

A time to reflect on the past year, and look forward to the next, and enjoying ever moment in between to the fullest.



Summer 2010 Edition

Many fond summer memories involve being outside - after all, we do hibernate indoors most of year.

Since we were small children, summer has meant spending long hot summer days in and around Ontario, swimming in the lake or fishing with ones parents.

I'm sure many have memories like this: the sun's reflection sparkling on the bright blue lake while we swim, fish, canoe or just enjoy each other's company. But, as we approach the thick of the season, laziness can often ensue.

We've all been there, spending weekends lounging on the couch, while a picturesque summer day passes us by on the other side of the window.

Why not take it outside! With such beautiful wilderness all around us, don't be beat by the heat. Instead, take advantage of our awesome and diverse Canadian seasons by getting out and getting active.

Canoeing, camping, cottaging or swimming, whatever strikes your fancy, the White Lake region has got it all.

For fishermen and women, stock that tackle box and get your gear ready and catch some fish.

Campers can make sure everyone has a great time by following campground etiquette tips as well as important safety tips for keeping your cool around bears should you encounter one.



March 2010 Edition

What a mild winter we have been enjoying. Hardly feels like Winter sometimes. Well it is officially Spring now anyway. We've set the clocks forward an hour, so it is still light until quite late (7 pm), and even the chipmunks are now awake and playing with their red squirrel friends.

There is still a foot of snow on the ground, and fairly thick ice on the lake though, but that is melting faster now. It is not typically this warm (+16C) and sunny until May, so get out and enjoy it.

Build one last snowman, or go skiing or snowshoeing. Get your fishing license renewed.

This may be a record setting "shortest lake ice" winter on record:

1999 - 2000 - Shortest Season Ever (104 Days)
Ice On: Dec. 18, Ice Off: March 31

2010 - 2011
Ice On: Dec. 15, Ice Off: April 4

Some other good news in the paper this week was that Wal-Mart will not be expanding (invading) Arnprior, on White Lake Road anytime soon. It seemed like a bad idea anyway, with stores in nearby Renfrew and Kanata already. So that is great to hear.



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