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White Lake has an incredible story to tell, in its past, present and future.

The local residents and community are genuine and welcoming. There is a blend of the best of the simpler times combined with all the benefits and comforts of modern life.

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Where to Stay

The lakes ‘resorts' all offer cottages for rent, some tenting, and RV access when spaces are available. They are all well run, with exceptional owners and a passion to help you discover your slice of paradise at White Lake.

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We've got wonderful weather at White Lake.  Due to our four-season climate, we have gorgeous springs, summers and autumns, and winters where you can enjoy all the outdoor activities you love.

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Other Sources of Info

To help you plan your visit, here is a list of other sources of area information.

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What To Do

White Lake is the perfect getaway for many of your favourite activities. The lake is large and interesting to navigate and explore. Launch your own boat, or rent one for a perfect day out. You can sightsee, nature watch and do water sports or fishing.

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Stuck in a rut?  

For fun, let's compare some popular things to do around Ottawa vs. the same or similar activities at White Lake.  White Lake is extremely clean, most access is completely free, nature abounds, and it is only a short car ride away.  This web-guide will outline how to have as much, if not more fun than the same things you've come to know and love doing already, including:

Dows Lake canoe or paddle boating
This fun activity is great, while a little expensive by the hour, and the water is not clean enough to swim in.  Forget about seeing loons or doing a little fishing at the same time.

Gatineau Park Hike or Bike , Meech Lake Swim, Picnic or Kayak
One of the greatest assets close to the Ottawa area, and most trails are free to park and use.  Access to lake activity is limited, and motor boats are not permitted.  Parking can sometimes be difficult to find.

Lac Phillipe
Great park, lots to see and do.  Also some NCC rules and fees.  Great facilities and an easy drive from Ottawa if there is availability.  Book online in advance for camping or get up very early to secure the few un-bookable spots each weekend.

Petrie Island/Moonies Bay/Britannia Bay Beaches

Nice inner-city beaches, however water is somewhat polluted, and swimming is risky.  A limited amount of free and paid parking spots are available.


Growing up in White Lake in the Fifties by Sandra (Cameron) McLachlin,
White Lake: The Later Years

White Lake attracted many tourists
They came from far and wide.
And Bunnie Yuill knew where the best fishing was
He was know to be a very good guide.

To the kinds their impression was, tourists were rich.
To travel here from some distant place
And we couldn't understand why anyone would come,
To such a small and out of the way place.

But as I've grown older I now understand
Bigger doesn't mean better every time.
And a quiet little spot by a lovely little lake
Is a wonderful way to spend your time.



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