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Things To Do

White Lake is the perfect getaway for many of your favourite activities. The lake is large and interesting to navigate and explore. Launch your own boat, or rent one for a perfect day out. You can sightsee, nature watch and do water sports or fishing. Take a look at the maps section first, so you don't get lost and can make the most of your visit.

There is an abundance of rich fishing holes, world-class golf courses and seasonal events.

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Boat Launching & Rentals

Fuel is available at the White Lake Village General Store and at the lakeside resorts and marina.

Remember to have your Boaters Card, and bring it with you if you want to rent a boat. You may be able to rent a boat without it, but it is up to the resorts to decide how they wish to enforcing this, so you may wish to ask before you arrive.

White Lake Marina

Contact Pete and Andra to find out all about their great products (boats, motors, fuel & supplies) and services (repairs, storage, rentals and much more), check out their website for complete info. They've opened a bait and tackle section for all your fishing needs.

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Bayview Lodge

Hosts: Walter and Elvira Geisser
Open: Early May - Mid October

Bayview has a marina with gas, service, boat rentals, launch and boat docks.

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Cedar Cove Resort

Hosts: Wes & Carol Pugh
Open: Early May - Late Sept., some services open Year-round

The marina has a gas bar available every day of the year to accommodate winter snowmobilers and watercraft.

During the summer they have boats, canoes, kayaks, pedal boats and even pontoon boats for your enjoyment. Launching and docking is also available at the Cedar Cove Marina.

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Pickerel Bay Lodge

Hosts: The Hirst Family
Open: Early May - Mid October

They offer boat launch and rentals, including aluminum motor boats, pontoon boats, sailboats, canoes, paddle boats, and Sea-Doos.

Boat Rental prices and service are one of the best on the lake.

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T-Bell Cottages

Hosts: Doug & Kate Tilley
Open: May - Oct.

T-Bell is situated in a calm, secluded part of the lake allowing all of their guests to enjoy the many water sports available to them. T-Bell features a sandy beach with an enclosed swimming area, water slide and raft. Other activities include fishing, water skiing, swimming, volleyball and horseshoes. You can also spend your time relaxing on the lake on one of their boats or paddleboat.

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Waba Cottage, Museum & Gardens Public Boat Launch

A quick and easy launching point. It is a very direct and fast drive from all points. There are no services on-site (bait, fuel, etc), but if you have your own boat, trailer and want to launch and park for a small fee, this is your best choice. As well you can take a moment and visit the historic Waba cottages and gardens, and there is a modern bathroom facility (in the old general store building on the side during museum hours). If you require full services, you can launch from here and then stop by one of the resorts or marina (see the maps for directions), or simply launch from the resort or marina instead (fees apply).

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There is also a municipal boat launch at the far South end of the Lake if you are traveling to White Lake from that direction and wish to launch there.

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SeaDoo, Water Ski, Wakeboarding

All great on White Lake, where the water is warm and mostly obstacle free, and not ever overcrowded with boats (except maybe during during Bass fishing tournaments once or twice a season).

Sea Doo rentals are available at Pickeral Bay Lodge and from H20 Rentals:
2825 Carp Road
Carp, ON, K0A 1L0
(and also in Eganville)
Toll-free: 1-888-212-9289

H2O Rentals is a division of G&L Wilcox LTD, a company synonymous with recreation. This company has been operating recreational dealerships for over 40 years, so you can rest easy knowing that the processes that they have used in their dealerships to be successful are also used within H2O. That includes quality equipment, professional employees and customer service unmatched in the rental industry.

Rates (subject to change):
-Same day rentals - $199
-One day rentals - $249 9 am - 9 am following day
-Delivery cost for boats begin at $50 each way. Please check for exact price on delivery and pick up charges.

Ontario Marinas Directory




If fishing is your thing, then you've found the best place to go. Whether you're compelled to search out bass, walleye or northern pike; if you prefer to cast your line from the shore or from a boat, White Lake provides a fisherman's paradise that will bring you back to these abundant waters year after year.

You must have a valid Outdoors Card to fish in any season in Ontario. There is a free fishing week/weekend, call 1-800-387-7011.

For Fishing (license) and Hunting (White Lake is in Zone 18), refer to the provincial guidelines. Fishing licenses can be bought or renewed at the White Lake General Store, the White Lake Marina and some of the resorts.

There are a large number of fresh water fish species that are found in White Lake. The ones that are most pursued by the anglers are the Large and Small mouth Bass , Walleye (also known as Pickerel) , Northern Pike and Perch. There are healthy populations of all of these species. and loads of pan fish for the kids to catch right off the docks.

The varied waters of the middle section of the lake holds Walleye, Bass and Pike. The rocky points are a haven for many a Small mouth Bass. Then there is the weedy bays that hide the sulky Large mouths that explode from their hiding places engulfing your tackle. Those bays also hide Northern Pike and numerous other species. As with all species we encourage catch and release on these beauties.

The fishing season begins the second Saturday in May with the opening of Walleye and Northern Pike. Fishing for both Large and Small mouth Bass begins the third Saturday in June.

Zone 18 Regulations and Dates

Walleye - 2nd Sat. in May to March 1st
Sport License - 4; Conservation - 2;
must be 40 - 50 cm (15.7 - 19.7 in)

Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass
the 3rd Sat. in June (to Dec. 15) according to zone 18 regulations
S - 6, C - 2

Northern Pike
2nd Sat. in May to March 31, S - 6, C - 2

Muskellunge -1st Sat. in June to Dec. 15
S - 1; must be greater than 91 cm (36 in.), C - 0

Yellow Perch - Open all year, S - 50, C - 25

Sunfish - Open all year
S - 300, only 30 > than 18 cm (7.1 in.), C - 15


Our Lake by Norman Moore, White Lake: The Later Years

In the 1970's the Rule Curve, that is the target level throughout the year, set by MNR, was a low 2.5 and a high of 5.5 as measured by the White Lake Dam. The Rule Curve now is a low of 3.5 and a high of 5.0. The flushing action of the lake has been reduced by fifty percent.

The main argument for high water during the summer months is for easier boat access. The opponents of high water point out that their concern is for the health of the lake, which suffers from high water erosion.

Fisheries and Water Level Management Options for White Lake by MNR

Between 1940 and 1965, White Lake had a reputation as an excellent sport fishery. Form 1965 to 1990, the fishery fluctuated significantly. Fish populations are indicators which reflect water quality, habitat improvements or deterioration, water level changes and fish harvesting pressures.

For example, 78 cabins were recorded on White Lake in 1950. Today private homes, cottages, tourist cabins and tent & trailer sites number near 1,500.

Ontario's Fishing Search Engine

Ontario fishing lodges, camps resorts and outfitters. Fishing trips. Its the greatest vacation in Canada! Whether you want to casually do some fishing or try some more serious angling, our province is an angler's paradise. Nowhere else can boast such a catch. Think of it: The largest fresh water lakes in the world, a huge diversity of fish, and Walleye in abundance (over 4.7 million kg caught every year). What's more, there's an entire range of experiences that allow you to "go remote" at fly-in camps in the Northwest and Northeast, or cast a line on day-trips in our Playground. Come here for all your vacation, equipment, news and weather information.

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The web site is well done. It is easy to find the information required. You have integrated many beautiful pictures.
Enticing information for vacation planning. White Lake residents should be proud!


Have had a cottage on the lake for some 20 years... can only access it by boat. Used the ice on and off dates to gauge when I might be able to access the cottage. I am sure a lot of others looked forward to seeing freeze/thaw dates.
-Seaway Region


My name is TF and I grew up coming to White Lake every summer for two weeks hanging out with DT.
This is a great site, takes me back. Love the pictures.
-Innisfil, Ontario


I have been fishing White lake for a number of years. Some of the best bass fishing I have ever seen and
a very beautiful lake. I enjoy visiting every summer.
-Lords Valley, Pennsylvania USA


I was amaze at this site, didn't realize that White Lake had such a nice site. This is great for people coming from outside. We have a place at Bayview Lodge and I thought I would look at this site, it is very well done indeed.
I hope you keep it up to date.



There is abundant wildlife in the area, with white tailed deer, moose, bears, raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, beaver, otter, mink, wolves, coyotes and fox to name a few. And as for the bird enthusiasts, you will be overwhelmed. There are eagles, osprey, loons, ducks, bluejays and numerous smaller birds. And if you don't see our resident Pileated woodpeckers, you most certainly will hear them. See more White Lake Nature here.

For historical information and more about the lake, please consult with the White Lake Property Owners Association. Their site includes information regarding local contacts, events, water quality, ice on and off dates, studies and initiatives on and around White Lake.

Water Depth (mean secchi depth) & Condition:

1997: 3.2 metres
ug/Litre Phosphorus: 12.0
Mesotropic: Waters with more nutrients, and therefore, more biological productivity.

2004: 2.82 metres
Eutrophic: Waters extremely rich in nutrients, with high biological productivity. Some species may be choked out.

Physical Info:

length: 16.09 Km / 10 miles
surface area: 22.7 million square meters / 5,608 acres
perimeter: 97.8 Km / 60.8 miles

Month Average
Air Temp.
Water Temp.
21F ,-6.1C  
Feb. 25F ,-4.1C  
Mar. 36F, 2.2C  
April 51F, 10.8C  
May 66F, 19.1C 65F, 18.3C
June 75F, 23.9C 75F, 23.9C
July 80F, 26.7C 80F, 26.7C
Aug. 77F, 25C 77F, 25C
Sept. 67F, 19.5C 70F, 21.1C
Oct. 55F, 12.5C  
Nov. 41F, 4.8C  
Dec. 27F, -3C  

Spring and fall are variable, prone to extremes in temperature and unpredictable swings in conditions. Hot days above 30C (86F) have occurred as early as March (as in 2002) or as late as October, as well as snow well into May and early in October (although such events are extremely unusual and brief). Average annual precipitation averages around 943 millimetres (37 inches).

Ice On/Off Dates:

1983 - 1984 - Longest Season Ever (162 Days)
Ice On: Nov. 19, Ice Off: April 29

1999 - 2000 - Shortest Season Ever (104 Days)
Ice On: Dec. 18, Ice Off: March 31

2011 - 2012 - New Shortest Season Ever (98 Days)
Ice On: Dec. 20, Ice Off: March 27

2015 - 2016 - Latest Freeze Ever
Ice On: Jan. 1, 2016, Ice Off: April 12

More Ice ON/OFF Dates, click here


Canadian Lake Loons Survey:

2006: 16 adult loons and 2 small young.

2007: 21 adults loons and 3 small young.

Are you causing harm?

People can harass and stress loons without even being aware they are doing so. While on the lake or shoreline keep an eye out for the following and, if seen, move away.

- A loon is splashing across the water, appearing to stand up
- A loon is vocalizing at you

Bringing your own supply of firewood to the lake this summer?
Please read this:

Firewood often contains insects and plant diseases. Visitors who bring firewood from home may accidentally spread those diseases that threaten Ontario's provincial parks and the health of our forests.

The Asian longhorned beetle and emerald ash borer are of particular concern. They are both recent arrivals to Canada and without natural controls here.

While the emerald ash borer is currently believed to be confined to southwestern Ontario and southeast Michigan, where it has killed millions of ash trees, the movement of firewood has been the main culprit in its rapid spread in both the U.S. and Canada over the past year. As a result, a quarantine has been imposed which prohibits the movement of firewood from Essex, Middlesex, Lambton and Elgin Counties, the municipality of Chatham-Kent and the U.S.A.

The Asian longhorned beetle has been found attacking hardwood trees between Vaughan and Toronto. Both insects can be easily spread in firewood, which may look normal, but still be infested with the insects.

How you can help:

-Do not move firewood, especially firewood obtained from areas under quarantine
-Obtain firewood from the area you're visiting
-Ask your supplier where their wood comes from.
-If you have questions call the CFIA at 1-800-442-2342 or go to

The Forests of White Lake by Robert E. Lee, White Lake: The Later Years

Most of the way around, the White lake shore is clothed in forest. Many of us have our homes or cottages among the trees, where we appreciate their cooling shade and shelter.

The fact that pretty much the whole area was cut over in the early 1800's, when the big pine forests were removed, is still relevant today. What grew back was often something different.


History & Culture

Waba Cottage, Museum & Gardens

The museum is full of memories from the past. Local families have been so generous in donating artifacts. We are very proud of our community volunteer force that helped, and continue to help maintain our Museum and Gardens showing ever-continuing support of our heritage. The buildings contain everything from Sunday's best china to farm harvesting equipment.

In 1975 a local resident of White Lake unearthed bones that were later determined to be from 11,500 years ago, belonging to a mature Bowhead whale, an arctic sea mammal. The original bones are at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Ottawa, replicas of the bones are on display in the Waba Cottage Museum.

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Arnprior & District Museum

The Arnprior & District Museum is situated in the former Post Office built in 1896. Based on a design by Thomas Fuller, who was the architect of the original Parliament Buildings in Ottawa (c. 1860), it was saved from demolition by the generosity of David and Jessie Gillies in the early 1960s. This designated building is now recognized as the symbol of the Town of Arnprior.

The Museum houses a great collection of artifacts and photographs that you can peruse at your leisure. Come and see the new Kenwood Mills exhibit, the 1928 fire engine, scenes of early 20th century domestic life, Charles Macnamara, our own ever-changing lumber exhibit, the museum's tribute to the Lair McNab and our most recent acquisitions which include an early 19th century canon and a major new building.

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Mcdougall Mill Museum, Renfrew

Our museum holds three packed floors of artifacts, many from Renfrew’s early Industrial days when the town was home to: Renfrew Electric –maker of Canadian Beauty Appliances, Renfrew Refrigerator Company –ice boxes, Renfrew Machinery Acorn stoves, Renfrew Flour Mills and the Renfrew Creamery.

Our most celebrated artifact is the museum itself. This beautiful stone mill was built in 1855 by fur trader and Hudson’s Bay Company agent, John Lorne McDougall. Used originally as a grist mill, the building was renovated and reopened as a museum in 1969. Situated in picturesque O’Brien Park the mill cradles the second chute of the Bonnechere River and overlooks the town’s historic Swinging Bridge.

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White Lake Village Beach

By far one of the prettiest views of the lake, and an excellent sandy beach, plus access to free parking, picnic tables and outhouses. Sorry, no overnight tenting allowed. While there is a fast water open dam next to the beach, we've seen children playing on the red warning buoys so there is no real danger.

Another great beach is in Burnstown if you want to enjoy a nice sandy beach and swimming in the Madawaska River (5 min. from White Lake Village Beach, small fee to park and boat launching).

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Bike & Canoe Routes


Local Bike trip routes:

The White Lake Region offers excellent biking opportunities for the beginner and the sports enthusiast. Whether you are looking for a paved road with little traffic, or a mountain bike trail that takes you to nowhere and back, you can find it all here (also ideal for walking and jogging routes).

Waba Museum & Gardens Loop-1 More Info

A short enjoyable loop on gravel roads and pavement. Mostly off the main highways, taking you through tranquil farmland and White Lake Village. Start at Waba Cottage Museum and Gardens, turn right on Burnstown Rd. for 1 minute, then left on McLachlan Rd, past the Cemetery on your left and the next right is Creek Side Rd, then right on Kippen Rd, right on White Lake Rd, through White Lake Village and right on Burnstown Rd back to the Museum. 9 Km.

Waba Museum & Gardens Loop-2 More Info

A medium length enjoyable loop on gravel roads and pavement. Half on and half off the main highways, taking you through tranquil farmland. Start at Waba Cottage Museum and Gardens, turn right on Burnstown Rd. for 1 minute, then left on McLachlan Rd, continue straight, past the Cemetery on your left until the end of the road, turn left on McLeod Rd and left onto the main highway, Burnstown Rd (so watch for a bit more traffic now), carry on straight until Waba Museum. 12.5 Km.

Springtown Out & Back More Info

A longer out and back route on quiet gravel roads. Off the main highways, taking you through tranquil farmland and on a hilly back road through the forest. Just before (East of) Burnstown, there is the intersection of Burnstown Rd and Lower Spruce Hedge Rd. It is an excellent gravel road, tree-lined and dotted with homes and farms. Follow it to the end (going right, at the hill intersection) and following it finally to Springtown Bridge Rd. crossing the Madawaska River. Be careful going down the very steep hill. Turn around at Calabogie Rd and come back. 14.5 Km.

Other nearby routes:

Arnprior - Burnstown - White Lake More Info

Burnstown - Stewartville More Info

Renfrew - Calabogie on the Old KandP More Info

The Old KandP (South) More Info


Canoe & Kayak trip routes:

Take a look at a lake map, and decide where you think you would like to go paddling. Park and Launch from the 2 public boat launches or White Lake Village Beach (free), or from any of the Resorts on White Lake (a small fee applies).

If you need to rent or buy a canoe, kayak or other gear to enjoy the outdoors, goto to you favourite source and bring it on your roof rack or trailer, or check at the White Lake resorts as there are no other outfitters in the area.




Hiking, Walking & Waterfalls

Hiking to Eagle's Nest Lookout

2.2Km West of Calabogie Peaks, on your left, you will note the Eagle's Nest trail sign marking the entrance to the trail. Follow the trail for about 20 minutes. Note the eagle's head, painted signs in the trees above you on the right. As you pass a pond on your left, look for a large, colourful and informative sign, just off to your right, that explains the cultural history of Eagles Nest. Follow the short trail up the hill to the right to the cliff site and enjoy the view. The 'eagles' were 'away' when we arrived, but great vistas.

More Info

Walking trails:

An 11 km trail starts in the pretty town of Calabogie and follows the abandoned K&P railroad across the Madawaska River. Wetland wildlife will be seen in the bogs that border the railroad as it makes it's way to Norway Lake. Ahead of you on the route back are the picturesque Calabogie Peaks.

More Info

Local Waterfalls:

Downtown Renfrew, Bonnechere

The waterfall on the Bonnechere River in downtown Renfrew is an impressive sight in the heart of the town. There is an easy 300m walk to view the chutes.

More Info



The Ottawa Valley is home to many world-class golf courses that are sure to suit both
the seasoned pro and novice golfer alike.


Mountain Creek Golf Course
(closest to White Lake)

Located 6 km South of the town of Arnprior on the White Lake Rd. The course has built a solid reputation for superb playing conditions and excellent greens. The Championship 18 hole layout winds its way around two lakes and a meandering creek which comes into play on 5 holes. Each hole is distinctive and interesting providing fun and enjoyment to players of all levels.

The Clubhouse sits on a highpoint overlooking the entire course. Views from the deck and from the large picture windows add to your dining pleasure. The pro shop is staffed by a CPGA professional who carries a full line of equipment and clothing at very competitive prices. We have a fleet of new motorized golf cars as well as pull carts and clubs for rental.

Mountain Creek is Semi Private, We have 300 members who enjoy a variety of club social events and member tournaments. We are proud of our family environment and friendly atmosphere. With such a limited membership, we have plenty of tee-times available for public play and for tournaments. Our pricing for tournaments is excellent, and our home cooked meals are second to none.

311 Mountainview Rd., Arnprior, ON K7S 3H6

Calabogie Highlands Golf Resort

The 27 hole championship golf course, the luxurious onsite villas, the turn-of-the-century clubhouse with lake view patio may be the only reason you’ll want to visit but….

Consider the surrounding vistas of hills and valleys, the backdrop of a sparkling lake…perhaps the numerous floral gardens throughout the property...or the serenity of our country side setting where the night sky twinkles with a million lights….

Consider getting away from the hustle, bustle and stress of a busy life.

Consider just kicking back and relaxing to the sound of a loon taking flight overhead….

We know you will enjoy your visit.

981 Barryvale Rd., Calabogie, ON K0J 1H0

Calabogie Peaks Resort

At Ironwoods Golf Course, we pride ourselves on making you feel at home. We encourage you to give us the particulars and then let us handle the rest of the details. Whether your group is large or small, we're here to help you plan a great day.

30 Barrett Chute Rd., Calabogie, ON K0J 1H0

Dragonfly Golf Links

We invite you to visit and see why the Readers of Flagstick Golf Magazine voted Dragonfly one of the top 3 public courses in the Ottawa area for 2007, 2008 and 2009. Dragonfly Golf Links is an easy drive of only 35 minutes from Kanata. Located near the town of Renfrew in the beautiful Ottawa Valley.

Features: Driving Range

955 Opeongo Rd., Renfrew, ON K7V 3Z5

Pakenham Highlands Golf Club

Pakenham Highlands has been receiving rave reviews since opening in 1994. Playing any combination of Canyon, Lake or Island Nines guarantees many return visits. You will find superior playing conditions, each hole has its' own distinctive character, impeccable greens and manicured flower gardens throughout. Pakenham has consistently been voted to possess the best Par 3's and best hole combinations by “Ottawa Golf” members. All design features combine to justify Pakenham's popularity with area golfers. And the best part …. without inflated prices.

112 McWatty Rd., Pakenham, ON K0A 2X0

Renfrew Golf Club

The Renfrew Golf Club Limited is a semi-private course located in the heart of Eastern Ontario's Ottawa Valley. We believe our club has a progressive and futuristic outlook while at the same time honouring our proud history. We offer a fully licensed clubhouse and banquet facilities for up to 180 guests with full catering services and outdoor patio. Our Pro Shop is fully stocked with a knowledgeable teaching Professional and Pro Shop staff. We also offer a large driving range which is available to our members and public alike.

Most of all we offer eighteen of the most beautifully scenic and challenging holes of golf you will find anywhere. All eighteen of our green complexes were completely redesigned in the fall of 2000 with large and challenging bent grass putting surfaces, new free-form bunkers, characteristic mounding and rolling surrounds.

This major undertaking exemplifies the Renfrew Golf Club's commitment to its members and guests in providing a unique and pleasurable golfing experience at affordable prices. We highly recommend that you consider the Renfrew Golf Club in the near future. You will not be disappointed.

Features: Driving Range

1108 Golf Course Rd.,Renfrew, ON K7V 4A4



Local Attractions

Bonnechere Caves

Under a hill of limestone, said by geologists to have been the bottom of a tropical sea 500 million years ago, the caves present a weird and wonderful sight. Stalactites, or rock icicles formed at the rate of one cubic inch in 150 years, hang from the ceiling and the handiwork of nature is enhanced by electric lights. Feel free to bring along your own flashlight and comb our walls and see the literally thousands of fossils that are embedded in our limestone walls.  Entombed in the rock and preserved forever can be seen fossils of coral and sea creatures alive long before the age of the Dinosaurs. Millions of years in the making, the Bonnechere Caves are a thrill for the sightseer. About 35 min. West of Renfrew.

Box 449, 1247 Fourth Chute Rd.
Eganville, ON K0J 1T0

Calabogie MotorSports

The Calabogie track has been designed to provide a challenging, safe and charismatic venue for amateur and club level performance driving enthusiasts.

The typical track user is the driver of a road going sports car or sports bike driving amongst small groups of similar performance vehicles in low intensity competitive or non-competitive conditions. Such drivers are typically part of a club group, often coordinated under the auspices of such clubs as the Porsche, Ferrari, Corvette one make associations or as part of commercially operated “Track Day” groups or regional sports car clubs. Many users are also drawn to the facility as customers of high performance driving schools.

Calabogie has been recognized as one of the most aesthetically pleasing driving facilities in North America thanks to the proximity of its woodlands, its adherence to the natural topography of the site and the sheer drama of its course design. It is North America's Premier Driving Experience.

462 Wilson Farm Rd.
Calabogie, ON K0J 1HO

Discover Canada's Polish Kashub Heritage

The area was initially settled in 1859 by Polish immigrants arriving from the Kashubian region of Poland.  Over a century and a half, these strong-willed people and their descendants have laboured and thrived in this still distinctly Kashubian region of Canada. The Wilno Heritage Society applauds the efforts made by these pioneers and commemorates and celebrates Canada's unique Polish Kashub cultural heritage.

Visit Canada's Polish Kashub Heritage Museum & Skansen (Open Air Museum) at Wilno Heritage Park
located on Highway 60, 1112 Wilno Road North
Wilno, ON., K0J 2N0


Chutes Coulonge


Experience the breathtaking scenery of the area's most magnificent waterfalls and canyon.

Come discover the Chutes Coulonge park; in beautiful Pontiac county, and experience history, culture and adventure in the great outdoors!

Our site is suitable for a day with the family, for teams, groups and even corporate training.

Our children’s aerial adventure activities include a 100 m challenge course suspended 2 - 4.5 m amongst the trees, featuring 13 obstacle activities to delight and test your child’s balance and dexterity. Challenges include a 25 m zip line, ropes course, suspended barrels, bridge jumps, line walks and a toboggan slide.

A second, self contained, five obstacle course is also available for those little ones who are not quite up to the height or weight requirements of the children’s course.

A fun activity for youth and adults is our 280m long, 20 m high, 8 zip series, with a 10m Himalayan foot bridge to cross. This activity will allow you to feel the wind in your face and get the pine gum on your hands! If this activity is not for you, no problem, visitors can enjoy the sights and sounds of those brave adventurers, with their feet firmly planted on the ground. The course is visible as you walk around our interpretative path.

100 Promenade du Parc-des-Chutes
Mansfield, Québec , J0X 1R0
(819) 683-2770


Pure Life Adventures

Pure Life Adventures is your 4 season source for Adventure Travel, Adventure Tours, Corporate Teambuilding, Youth Leadership Training, Traditionally Canadian Adventures, School, Community and Family outdoor activities. And all right here in the Pontiac Region.

To the Average Adventurer, Pure Life Adventures offers access to those seemingly out of reach activities like white water Canoeing or Winter Travel. With help from our professional guides, proper equipment, and years of training and experience Pure Life Adventures travels with you, side by side, encouraging you throughout your journey.

Corporate and Youth Leadership Groups will benefit from our task driven and success oriented programs. Using outdoor adventure in combination with teambuilding initiatives adds real life context to your learning. Your team will benefit from the successes of the day as well as synergy that can be applied to personal life or life in the boardroom.

Pure Life Adventures is based in Ladysmith Quebec and operates throughout the Pontiac Region of the Ottawa Valley.




Logos Land Resort

Enjoy our first class accommodations. Make it a golf weekend with friends, or bring the family along. You may choose from our Luxury Villas, Motel Suites, our RV & Camping or our new cabins. Over night guests enjoy discounted rates at our water park.

There's lots to do, from the water slides to mini-put, shopping and sight-seeing to hiking and swimming. Enjoy the pine forests and wander the nature trails at your leisure. In winter the area is a ski haven and snowmobilers find the area trails fantastic. Summer time provides guests with great water park fun and during spring, summer and fall the Oaks of Cobden offers a wonderful opportunity to golf.

15906 hwy 17 Cobden, Ontario, K0J 1K0




Visit a historic Movie Theatre

In 1930, O'Brien Theatre in Renfrew opened it doors. Located at 334 Raglan St. South, it is an important centre of entertainment for all ages. And also in Arnprior at 147 John Street North.

For showtimes and more see:




Other Sources of Info and Events

To help you plan your visit, here is a list of other sources of area information.



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