Bayview Lodge
468 Bayview Lodge Rd.
White Lake, ON, K0A 3L0

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Hosts: Walter and Elvira Geisser
Open: Early May - Mid October

Features: serviced trailer sites, cottage rentals, boat docking and launch, boat rental, sandy beach, swimming pool, washrooms, children's playground, bingo, horseshoes, volleyball, darts, propane refill, planned activities, coffee bar restaurant. Pets are welcome.

Bayview boasts 170 fully serviced seasonal RV sites, 12 rental lakefront cottages with south facing decks on the lake, a marina with gas service and boat rentals as well as boat docks, a snack bar which also stocks some sundry items, a propane refill station, a swimming pool, laundry facilities, and a great staff.

Bayview Resort has all the amenities for a wonderful holiday, whether it be for the summer with the children, for a week in a cottage, for a week-end visit or even for just a day to get away from it all. They take pride in their resort and like to show it, so come on down sometime and they'll be happy to meet you and give you a tour.

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Bud Lindsay's Years at Bayview Lodge and White Lake Marina by Helen Sutton,
White Lake: The Later Years

On a busy Sunday we would empty our gas tanks with water skiers and such. Nowadays you maybe see one or two water skiers, nothing like it used to be. When we were really going strong, my wife, my mother and Viola McNulty averaged 500 meals a week.

I used to look forward to the turnover of guests every week or so and we really looked forward to old friends coming back. Our business in those days was 95% American and we would be booked for the next year all the time. We had the ten old cottages which we rebuilt but we didn't get into trailers until later. During the war many of the people had lived in tents in England and other places and they continued to do so on vacation. Three airforce people came to Bayview one summer with tents and that's how we got into the camping business. When we ended we had 185 trailers.

In the agreement of sale I had to wait five years before I was able to start the business known as White Lake Marina.

I think back about all the good years at Bayview. I used to drive through the park on my rounds at 11 o'clock at night. Of course everybody used to curse me. I'd say hi to everybody and remind them to keep the noise down so people could sleep. It wasn't that everyone had to go to bed!






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