White Lake's Early Days and Later Years
Two excellent publications are available which are filled with the history, culture and stories of the people and places in and around White Lake. Please read them and take an enjoyable moment to get to really know 'White Lake" past and present. Both books are an absolute pleasure and delight that will warm your heart and fill your soul with insights and observations from a wide range of 'pioneers' who helped shape and build the Ottawa Valley, and who's descendants continue and share these family traditions and values to this day.

White Lake:
The Early Years
The Later Years
Produced by the White Lake Property Owners Association


There are brief poignant excerpts on this site from relevant pages, but there is so much more to read in each book.

Available from the White Lake Property Owners Association , Cedar Cove Resort, the White Lake Marina, Bayview Lodge and the White Lake General Store.

White Lake has an incredible story to tell, in its past, present and indeed... future (being written as we speak).

The local residents and community are genuine and welcoming. There is a blend of the best of the simpler times combined with all the benefits and comforts of modern life.

The names of the bays, country roads and the community names (in and around Burnstown, Waba) are named after historical names and many of the early settlers of this region, and their stories are quite colourful.

Have some fun and take our Trivia Quiz to test your knowledge of White Lake.


Forward by Bruce Brenot, White Lake: The Later Years

In the fifties and sixties I don't remember a days when we weren't fishing. During this time my Dad and my Uncle Ross Warner and families fished each morning and evening catching maybe 3 to 4 pickerel each outing.

I treasure my childhood memories at the cottage. I have always felt privileged to have spend my summer vacations on White Lake.




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