T-Bell Cottage Rentals
Mailing Address:
29 Stonecroft Terrace
Kanata, Ontario
Canada, K2K 2V1
(613) 623.3897
Site Address:
3 Tilley Lane
White Lake, Ontario
Canada, K0A 3L0


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Hosts: Doug & Kate Tilley
Open: May - Oct.

Features: cottage rentals, boat docking and launch, boat rental, sandy beach, children's playground, billiards, darts, volleyball, horseshoes, individual fire pits and complimentary firewood. No pets.

T-Bell Cottage Rentals is the perfect place to go and relax. Perfect for a family getaway or just to get away from the kids. Go visit T-Bell, you'll be glad you did.

Each of their seven cottages sleep at least 4, and comes with all the amenities.

T-Bell is situated in a calm, secluded part of the lake allowing all of their guests to enjoy the many water sports available to them. T-Bell features a sandy beach with an enclosed swimming area, water slide and raft. Other activities include fishing, water skiing, swimming, volleyball and horseshoes. You can also spend your time relaxing on the lake on one of their boats or paddleboat. In the evening stretch out beside a campfire or head into White Lake Village (a short walk away) for dinner or other activities.



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The web site is well done. It is easy to find the information required. You have integrated many beautiful pictures.
Enticing information for vacation planning. White Lake residents should be proud!


Have had a cottage on the lake for some 20 years... can only access it by boat. Used the ice on and off dates to gauge when I might be able to access the cottage. I am sure a lot of others looked forward to seeing freeze/thaw dates.
-Seaway Region


My name is TF and I grew up coming to White Lake every summer for two weeks hanging out with DT.
This is a great site, takes me back. Love the pictures.
-Innisfil, Ontario


I have been fishing White lake for a number of years. Some of the best bass fishing I have ever seen and
a very beautiful lake. I enjoy visiting every summer.
-Lords Valley, Pennsylvania USA


I was amaze at this site, didn't realize that White Lake had such a nice site. This is great for people coming from outside. We have a place at Bayview Lodge and I thought I would look at this site, it is very well done indeed.
I hope you keep it up to date.


Boyd Campbell by Bruce Campbell, White Lake: The Later Years

Over the next ten years six more cottages were built. Boats and motors were purchased, docks built and a very flourishing tourist business was developed.

Many clients, most from the northern U.S.A. fill the cottages from May to October and fish White Lake for the plentiful pikerel, pike and bass at the time. Bunny Yuill, Gleason Deacon and Andy Stoe were popular fishing guides of the day.

In 1968 the business was sold and the name changed to T-Bell.


T-Bell Resort by Lois Tilley, White Lake: The Later Years

We moved up from Long Island New York lock, stock and barrel in 1968 and agreed to purchase Boyd Cambell's Cottages as well. We then formed the T-Bell Resort, T from Tilley, Bell from Campbell. After that we started the 140-site trailer park.



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