White Lake Village

White Lake, ON, K0A 3L0

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White Lake Village

The historic heart of the White Lake area with restaurants, general store, businesses and residential areas.

St. Andrew's United Church (1881) sits majestically at the center of White Lake Village, and is very active with regular events and weekly Sunday Service. Plan to drop by and experience the history in this over 129 year old fully operational church anytime, including very special services at Christmas and Easter. Feeling romantic?? St. Andrew's is also a great place to get married.

White Lake Pastoral Charge comprises the Burnstown, Calabogie, and White Lake United Churches. The churches are all named "St. Andrew's" but are locally known by the villages they are located in. See "Township of McNab/Braeside".

The Box Home by Verna Black, White Lake: The Later Years

The building on lots 18 and 19 on the south side of Main Street, White Lake has been know as the "Box Home" for approximately 150 years.

The house stayed in the Box name until 1975. A large auction was held which lasted all day and into the late evening. It contained many antiques and artifacts from the days of Allan McNab, Some of the items were donated to the Waba Cottage Museum.

April 3rd 1993 a fire broke out in the basement and burned out the inside of the house but left the outside with no sign of there having been a fire.


History & Culture

Waba Cottage, Museum & Gardens

The museum is full of memories from the past. Local families have been so generous in donating artifacts. We are very proud of our community volunteer force that helped, and continue to help maintain our Museum and Gardens showing ever-continuing support of our heritage. The buildings contain everything from Sunday's best china to farm harvesting equipment.

In 1975 a local resident of White Lake unearthed bones that were later determined to be from 11,500 years ago, belonging to a mature Bowhead whale, an arctic sea mammal. The original bones are at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Ottawa, replicas of the bones are on display in the Waba Cottage Museum.

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White Lake Village Beach

By far one of the prettiest views of the lake, and an excellent sandy beach, plus access to free parking, picnic tables and outhouses. Sorry, no overnight tenting allowed. While there is a fast water open dam next to the beach, we've seen children playing on the red warning buoys so there is no real danger.

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